About Us

Small and Mighty

In an ocean where independent, family-owned businesses get gobbled up by bigger fish, Cargo Brokers swims like a swordfish sawing through waves of change.

Because of how we embraced new technology as it evolved over the years, we were able to provide the efficient and reliable service our clients desired, enabling us to stand strong in the shipping and logistics industry. (Many companies are just now doing what we’ve been doing for years!)

Led by logistics experts with backgrounds in computer systems, technology and innovation remain a priority in providing the most efficient solutions. Our online portal allows you to know where your shipment is at all times… so you can keep calm and cargo on.

Continuing as a family-owned operation, we maintain an ability to be quick and nimble in the face of the unexpected, like pandemics and canal blockages. (Less people and bureaucrats equals less politics and red tape.) We also maintain the ability to develop deeper, long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners. Having the time to get to know them makes our jobs, and theirs, fun and fulfilling.

Because we easily form many long-term relationships, we value thorough communication and transparency. Our team is straight-forward and full of personable people who go out of their way to make things happen.