Cargo Insurance

Keep Calm and Get Covered

On average, one ship sinks every day. (Lloyds of London)

$57.9 million in cargo was stolen last year, and the FBI estimates only 40% is reported stolen, meaning the true amount is much higher.

With so many steps in the shipment process, you never know where or when something could go wrong, which is why you need to be insured. With Cargo Brokers, you don’t have to shop around, file paperwork, or wonder whether your coverage is adequate. As a full-service logistics provider, let us secure the proper coverage with competitive rates for you.

Why Get Cargo Insurance through Cargo Brokers?

Less hassle and paperwork

Better rates

The transport experts deal directly with insurers


As shipping experts, we understand all the risks associated with your cargo and can secure adequate coverage for you so you aren’t left with gaps in the event of a claim.


Because of the volume of policies we purchase, we’re typically able to secure more competitive rates than individual businesses.

In the event of a claim, we’re able to quickly gather all of the relevant information and file it directly with the carrier so you can recoup losses more easily.
Logistics companies are not obligated to pay for losses not due to their negligence. Even when they are liable, the amount you can recover is often limited by shipping regulations. Insuring against any physical loss makes sure you’re completely protected (… even from canal blockage or port back-ups).

Keep Calm and Cargo On