After a comprehensive market analysis Cargo Brokers International opts for CargoWise 

Chicago, US, May 2013 — CargoWise®, a global leader in technology solutions for logistics service providers (LSPs) announces Atlanta-based freight-forwarder Cargo Brokers International has adopted ediEnterprise from CargoWise across its entire operation following an extensive search for a logistics-focussed ERP system.

According to Cargo Brokers International chief executive officer Carsten Steinmetz, the software implementation has been strategically undertaken in order to enhance customer service, boost productivity and improve management practices across the group’s operations.

 “We had been on our legacy system for 11 years, although there had been updates made along the way, getting it to the level of CargoWise would have taken too much time and money,” says Steinmetz. “Some of the enhancements we’d been looking for we got on day one when CargoWise went live, things like laser printing, emailing document packs, connectivity with INTTRA, and customized client visibility.”

Cargo Brokers International has also taken advantage of CargoWise through WiseCloud in order to streamline IT management requirements and reduce the cost usually associated with the implementation and maintenance of the new software system.

“We have had our own server for more than twenty years, the cost of maintaining that infrastructure was certainly a factor in moving into a WiseCloud environment,” says Steinmetz. “The built-in redundancy that comes with WiseCloud is a key factor, because now I don’t have to spend resources ensuring our internal server is accessible to employees and customers 24/7, CargoWise provides that for us now.”

Gene Gander, Vice President Business Development, Americas for CargoWise, says the adoption of CargoWise by Cargo Brokers International will give the company the ability to grow the business without adding additional staff, by automating a wide range of manual processes.

 “ediEnterprise will provide a whole new set of tools that will enable Cargo Brokers to better serve their growing client list and automate many manual functions,” Gander says. “As a result of features such as web tracking, e-mailing of documentation, auto-rating and workflow processes the company will finally be able to boost operational efficiencies in ways which in the past have only been aspirations.”


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